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  • 1 Balsa Blocks
    Balsa blocks come in different tickness and lengths as well as density
  • 2 Tagua Button Blanks
    Tagua Blanks come in mainly 3 colors, white, white cream, and cream also in different sizes and thickness according to your requirements
  • 3 Tagua Nuts or Raw Selected Tagua
    Tagua Nut comes in different sizes and colors, we can select sizes as X-small, small, medium, large and x-large
  • 4 End Grain Balsa Sheets
    We have End Grain Balsa sheets in all sizes and with coated or uncoated products
  • 4 Palo Santo Leave
    Palo Santo tree is one super eco product of our line with incredible health/Spa properties
  • 4 Palo Santo Oil
    Palo Santo oil in different concentrations is a new health wonder
  • 4 Palo Santo Incense
    Palo Santo has many products for your Health/Spa products, incense, soaps, shampoos and more all totally organic and from sustainable processes from step one to end of product and made at a socially eco sustainable factories

TaguaBalsa Ecuador is a 100% ecuadorean exporting agent/manager which helps you with your importing needs for environmentally and socially sound products. We deal directly to factory owners and get inmediate access to all processes for the products we work with:

Balsawood, Tagua (Corozo) Nuts and Blanks, Palo Santo essential oil products, Organic (Compost) Fertilizer, Toquilla Montecristi Hats and few more organic only exports.

We will help you in getting best prices to highest quality products making sure that only sound factories will be involved in the business relationship, which will meet your time, quality and price requiremnents for the product you need. Our work for you is a throughout (photo) follow up of your order dimensions, quality, packing and shipping processes.

Our business framework is center in finding the proper supplier for you. Our time and attention is focused on few products so we can deliver the best in quality, cost, packing, and shipping processes available. If we think we wont be able to deliver what your required we wont commit to it from the start, simply because we are aware how important your time is.

We are aware that many exporting problems occurr when exporters have economical needs and restricted time frames which leads then in getting involved in productions they cant deliver. We select our suppliers to you so you can rest assure we will tell you our honest truth about producers and their capabilities. We deal with only straightforward people (something we know is very hard to find in Latin America). So we are here to make the difference.


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