Tagua Balsa Palo Santo

About us


Ricardo Nuñez Cristiansen born in 1956, married with Maria Fernanda Ponce for over 25 years is a fully ecuadorian enteprenour which started doing Eco Tourism in the Galapagos in the 80s for 10 years. Studied Agricultural Engineering 3 years at University of Guayaquil, have been in the export of Tagua-Corozo Blanks and Nuts for over 15 years exporting Tagua Nuts for carvers at Indonesia. Now working with several experienced (over 25 years) Tagua Blanks producers at Manta city, only exports organic ecological and enviromentallly sound products. Also been in the Balsawood products business for well over a decade with a Agriculture background and Managing experience for over 20 years, is now an enteprenour of eco exports in Ecuador based at Guayaquil city.


Ricardo Nunez Ponce, born in 1988, International Business and International Finance Senior Student. Have been working on this project for 2 years now and with intercultural communication experience of 5 years. Currently working on delivering the best financial options available to our customers and creating a business structure that will allow the company to deliver confidence and stability.  

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