Tagua Balsa Palo Santo

Tagua Palms Tree

Tagua is a Palm tree (Phytelephas equatorialis-endemic) which grows in the hills and foothills (cloud forests) of the western Ecuadorian Andes, from 300 mts to 1600 mts in altitude. From this Palm similar to Oil African Palm several clusters of nuts (seeds aprox. 50+ each) are produced annually. The nuts are the raw product used and the Palm is never cut or hurt; only eventually dies naturally (lives approximately for 50 years) and its leaves are used by locals for their huts roofing.

Our Ecuadorian Tagua nuts are the best in the world due to our excellent weather and ecosystem. The size and hardness found in Ecuadorian Tagua nuts is not found anywhere else. Tagua may be one of the most ecologically sound primary products on earth as this plant has never been cultivated in plantations as it won’t grow easily under artificial environments. Tagua needs to grow under only natural slopes, so this way tropical and cloud forest are naturally preserved. Tagua nuts are dropped naturally to the ground when fruit matures and is picked from muddy soils of dense tropical forest. The people (Tagua pickers) are native to these foothills forests. Then Tagua raw nuts are transported to dry to mainly the Manabí province in coastal Ecuador for the rest of process and to make handcrafts, Tagua (corozo) button blanks (animelas) which is the main finished product. Tagua has also been called the vegetable ivory as its quality, hardness and color is almost identical to animal Ivory. This material can be use to replace the use of animal ivory helping preserve the extermination of endangered mammals around the world. Tagua processed involves a lot of handwork and helps many communities from forest to low income and especially single mothers. Most of our suppliers of Tagua blanks come from single parent working women.


Check this site I like for more info http://waynesword.palomar.edu/pljan99.htm


Tagua Nuts Raw

TAGUA NUTS come in different sizes from around 2-3 cm diameter to around 10 cm. (As you see in photo above) Our raw Tagua comes from natural plantations only and help economically directly to locals in Rainforest native villages. Also our nuts are NATURALLY Sun dried. This helps prevent from changing the color of the inside of the nut which is mostly ivory white (also called vegatable ivory)



TAGUA (COROZO) BLANKS are manufactured from Nuts according to size and color. Sizes from 18 to 44 and white, light cream and cream colors. Our quality is well know as we supply top of the line button factories in China, Italy and Brazil.



The Process of cutting, selecting, nuts for blanks production is completly social positive as this work is manily done by women at Manta city which in many cases are the only way of income for this families of Tagua Cutters. We feel very happy and satisfied just helping this women which in Ecuador find a hard time to find a proper income to support in many cases a single parent family.


TAGUA CARVINGS are made from Raw Tagua Nuts. Our carvers can be from as far as Indonesia and also local of course. The Indonesian carvers though are extremely skilled as you can see in shapes carved in photo above. We have a program to work with local ecuadorian carvers to learn from indonesian samples. You can also appreciate here the different colors of tagua inside. The most common color though is white and light cream.


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